Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Vamos estudar [3]

Prometi passar a postar este tipo de anúncios, de programas d(e) bolsas de estudo, aqui no blog. Para países como o nosso, onde a formação interna, principalmente ao nível de pós-graduação, ainda é um desafio enorme, apostar na fomação no exterior pode ser uma saída. Jovens, ao invés de irem (todos) ao distrito combater a dita-cuja apenas, pensem também nas armas que o mundo vos pode oferecer para continuar a "LUTAR POR MOÇAMBIQUE"!

Interested in the study of gender and sexuality?

The University of Amsterdam offers a (Dutch and English) Bachelor and Masters programme on Gender, Sexuality and Society (GSS). The uniqueness of the programme is that it is positioned in the social sciences, whereas the majority of gender and/or sexuality studies are located within the humanities. The combination of empirical studies with theoretical reflection will provide the intellectual tools and abilities that students need to better understand, analyse and cope with the world's contemporary problems and complexities related to gender and/or sexuality.

Gender and sexuality studies are devoted to enhancing our understanding of the differences among groups of women and groups of men - as well as between women and men - in an era of globalization and transnational migration. A range of social distinctions among and between women and men, and the particular forms of agency available to them, are grounded in their ethnic and religious identities, age categories, class location, sexual orientation, or access to political power. These distinctions produce different experiences and entitlements in civil society, hence of citizenship. These distinctions place individuals differently in society, shaping their experiences and entitlements as well as informing their perspectives on the possibilities for the forging of lives, careers, social and sexual bonds. This scholarly endeavor represents a systematic attempt to address structurally embedded prescriptions concerning gender relations and sexual behavior on a par with other analytical variables such as class, ethnicity, religion, age, or political ideology.

The programme on Gender, Sexuality and Society aims to integrate the social and cultural imperatives that shape gendered identities and sexual relationships into the normal research repertoire of social scientists. Accordingly, in the programme students will learn how to incorporate a multi-disciplinary and transnational approach. The historical and comparative dimensions emphasized in the majority of the courses train the student to analyse issues in society and culture from various perspectives and to put them in their wide-ranging sociological, political and cultural contexts. The programme on Gender, Sexuality and Society provides the student with a solid theoretical, conceptual, and methodological foundation in the social sciences.

The Universiteit van Amsterdam has a sophisticated, experienced and international oriented teaching staff, a well built network of experts outside the university, specialized libraries and archives, and a student network. Expertise in gender and sexuality studies has been developed since their incipience in the late 1970s. The staff employs an interdisciplinary perspective, having specializations in sociology, anthropology, history, political science, and philosophy. This lively and colourful academic community is, above all, based in a city that is famous for its liberal sexual attitude and knows many interesting spots for people who are interested in the field of gender and sexuality.


For questions and more information, please contact the programme manager Margriet de Rooij: